Monday, May 4, 2015

Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes
Serving: 2


Full fat milk: 2 Cup
Cream: 2 Tbspn
Sugar: 3 Tbspn
Instant Coffee: 1 Tbspn
Ice Cubes - 4-5
Crushed Ice - 2 Tbspn
Roasted Coffee Beans 10-12


In a mixing jar take milk, cream, sugar, instant coffee and ice cubes. 

Blend... Blend... Blend till it gets creamy texture.

Shake it in a Mocktail shaker. 

Take crushed ice into a serving glass.

Pour this cold coffee into it.

Garnish it with the foam (which is formed during shaking) and some roasted coffee beans on the top.

Enjoy it Chilled...!!!! 

Goes great anytime in a day... :-)

Note: Can use Chocolate syrup for garnishing the glass.

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