Thursday, October 15, 2015

Gobi Manchurian

Gobi Manchurian


Preparation time: 25 Minutes.
Servings: 2


Cauliflower pieces: 1 Bowl (250 Gms)
Chopped Spring Onions: 1/2 Cup.
Finely chopped Red Onions: 1/2 Cup. 
Finely chopped capsicum:1/2 Cup. 
Finely Chopped Garlic: 1 Tbspn.
Finely chopped Ginger: 1 Tbspn.
Green chillies (Finely Chopped) : 4-5 Nos.
Corn Flower: 3 Tbspn.
Dark Soya sauce: 2 Tbspn.
Green Chilly Sauce: 1 Tbspn.
Vinegar: 2 tspn.
Salt to taste. 
Oil to fry. 


Blanch (par boil) cauliflower pieces. 

Drain hot water from it and add all these cauliflower pieces into a chilled ice water for a while. 

Drain the water and take these pieces into a draft bowl. 

Sprinkle good amount of corn flower and coat each piece well. 

In a pan,  heat oil for frying. 

Deep fry all flower pieces until they are crispy. 

In another pan heart some oil.  

Add finely chopped Garlic, ginger and green chillies and let them become brown.

Add chopped Red onion to it and let it be brown. Add capasicum and saut√© for a while. 

Add green chilly sauce,  Soya sauce and mix it well. Add salt and vinegar in the last and saut√© the mixture for 2 3 minutes on the High flames. 

Add fried cauliflowers to it and mix it well. 

Make sure to have high flames throughout the cooking.

Garnish a serving bowl with cabbage leaves.  

Serve Gobi Manchurian into that.

Garnish with finely chopped spring onions.

Have it hot only 


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