Monday, November 2, 2015

Vol - Au - Vent (French Appetizer)

Vol - Au - Vent (French Appetizer)

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes
Servings: 4 Nos.


Vol - Au - Vent Cases


Ready to bake Puff Pastries : 2 nos.
Milk to brush: 2 Tbspn.


Defrost a Ready to Bake puff pastry sheet.

Take fluted pastry cutter and cut the puff pastry in round shape. Put them on a silicon baking tray.

Take the same size fluted pastry cutter and cut an identical size then take a slightly smaller round cutter and cut a hole in the middle of the pastry cuts.

Put the rings of pastry cut on the flat pastry cut. Arrange 3 pastry rings on a single round pastry shits.

Brush them all with milk.

Bake them in a preheated oven  at 200 degree for 10-12 minutes.

Vol - Au - Vent cases are ready. Let them cool down to the room temperature. (you can store them also for 2-3 days in a normal room temperature).

Vol - Au - Vent:

Vol - Au - Vent

Boiled Corn: 1 Tbspn
Finely chopped Bell peppers: 1 Tbspn
Finely chopped Paneer cubes: 1 Tbspn
Finely chopped tomatoes: 1 Tbspn
Finely chopped Onion: 1 Tbspn
Finely chopped green Olives: 1 Tbspn
Mint Mayonnaise: 2 Tbspn
Mustered Sauce: 1/2 Tbspn
Tomato KetchUp: 1 Tbspn
Olive Oil: 1 Tbspn
Liquid cheese: 1 Tbspn
Grated Mozzarella cheese: 2 Tbspn
Salt to taste
Red chilly sauce: 1/2 Tbspn
Dried Oregano: 1 tspn
Chilly Flakes: 1 tspn
Mixed Herbs: 1 tspn
Mint leaves to garnish.


In a bowl, take finely chopped onion, bell peppers, corn, paneer cubes and olives. Add salt to taste and 1/2 Tbspn olive oil and mix well. Let it rest for a while.

By the time, in a mixing bowl, prepare dressing for the filling.

Take Mayonnaise, add liquid cheese, mustered sauce and tomato ketchup and mix it well. 

Add rest of the olive oil to it. And again mix it well.

Add the prepared mixture of chopped vegetables to it and mix it well.

Season it with dried oregano, Chilly flakes, and mixed herbs to it. Mix it properly.

Your filling is ready.

Fill this mixture to the prepared Vol - Au - Vent cases.

Top all the cases with grated Mozzarella cheese.

Bake these filled cases in a preheated oven for 3-5 minutes @ 180 degree.

Take them out. Garnish each Vol - Au -Vent with a mint leave and an olive ring.

Have it HOT !!!

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