Saturday, September 3, 2016

Aaloo Palya (South Indian Style)

Aaloo Palya (South Indian Style)

Preparation: 15 Minutes
Servings: 4


Boil Potatoes: 5 Medium
Tomato: 1 Medium
Onion: 2 Medium
Green Chillies: 3-4 Nos.
Curry Leaves: 5-6 Nos.
Urad daal: 1 Tbspn
Chana Daal (Daaliya): 1 Tbspn.
Oil: 2 Tbspn
Mustered seeds: 1 tspn
Hing: Pinch
Salt to Taste
Turmeric powder: Pinch
Water as required.


In a pan, heat oil. Add mustered seeds and let them crackled. Add Curry leaves, green chillies, Hing and mix well.

Add urad daal and chana daal to it and cook till brown.

Add sliced onion to it and cook till pink and translucent. Add pinch of salt at this stage.

Add sliced tomatoes and mix well. Add little bit of water and let it cook for a while.

Mesh boiled potato mean while it's cooking.

Once onion and tomatoes are cooked, add this meshed potatoes to it and add almost cup full of water to it.

Season it with turmeric powder, salt to taste. Mix it well.

Cook for a while till the gravy is thick.

Serve it hot !!!

Goes well with any kind of Dosa (Set Dosai, Khali Dosai, Paper plain dosai, etc...)

Enjoy !!!

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