Friday, September 2, 2016



Preparation: 30 Minutes
Servings: 4


Rice: 2 Cups
Udad Daal: 1/2 Cup
Poha (Rice Flakes): 1 Cup
Dry Methi (Fenugrik) seeds: 1 + 1/2 Tspn
Salt to taste
Oil to saute dosais.
Baking Soda: 1 Tspn


Wash and soak rice, udad daal and Methi seeds for almost 6 - 8 hours.

Wash and soak Poha for 1 hours.

Grind Udad Daal, Poha and Methi seeds altogether in a mixture jar.

Take it in a mixing bowl and mix it well. Make sure mixture is smooth enough.

Grind Rice smoothly by adding necessary water. We used almost 1/2 Cup of water.

Add this rice paste to the previous mixture and mix them well.

Cover the bowl with the lead tightly and place it in a warm place over night (10-12 hours). We placed it in a preheated Oven.

Batter should be double raised and fermented in the bowl. Mix it lightly. 

Add salt and baking soda and mix again. Keep aside for 10-20 minutes.

On a flat pan, Put 1 tspn of Oil and spread batter like a pan cake. Keep it thick. 

Cook well both sides by applying little oil.

Set Dosai is ready to be served hot with GHEE.

Serve it with Hot Aloo palya (Mumbai style Potato curry) !!!

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