Sunday, August 7, 2016

Broken wheat "Khichu"

Broken wheat "Khichu"

Preparations; 15 minutes.
Servings: 4


Broken Wheat (Kansar No Lot): 200 Grams
Green Chillies: 4 Nos.
Oil: 2 Tbspn
Curry Leaves: 4 -5 Nos.
Salt to Taste
Water: 2 Cup
Lemon Juice: 1 tspn
Turmeric Powder: Pinch
Mustered Seeds: 1 tspn
Coriander Leaves to garnish


Heat Oil in a pan.

Add mustered seeds, Curry leaves and chopped green chillies.

Upon a shimmer, Add two cups of water into it. Let it boil for a while.

Add Salt, turmeric powder  to it. Again wait for an another boil.

Add broken wheat to it and mix it properly. Add lemon juice and again mix it well. 

With a closed lead, let it be cooked for around 5 minutes on a very slow flames.

Serve it HOT garnishing with the coriander leaves and green chillies.


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