Monday, December 21, 2015

Caffé Latte

Caffé Latte

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes
Servings: 2


Full Cream Milk: 3/4 Cup
Fresh Cream: 1/4 Cup
Honey: 1 tspn
Sugar: 2 Tbspn
Coffee Powder: 2 Tbspn
Water: 1/4 Cup


In a sauce pan, Heat milk just till it warms somewhat. Add Sugar in that.

Add Honey and fresh Cream to it and whip it with the electric whipper in the increasing speed method at least for 2-3 minutes. Make enough of foam in the milk. 

In an other pan, brew coffee (Heat 1/4 water and add all coffee powder. Heat it till 1 simmer.)

In a serving cup (I used Martini glass, instead of traditional coffee mug), take freshly brewed coffee first.

Now, slowly keep on adding foamed milk to it.

On the top, spread that foam of cream.

Sprinkle some coffee powder on it.

Serve it HOT !!!

Enjoy :-)

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