Thursday, May 4, 2017

Mexican Cheesy Potato Nuggets

Mexican Cheesy Potato Nuggets

Pre-Preparations: 15 Minutes
Preparations: 15 Minutes


Boiled Potatoes: 5 Nos. Medium in size.
Salt to taste
Oregano: 1 Tbspn
Red Chilly Flakes: 1 Tbspn
Olive Oil: 1 tspn
Fresh BreadCrums: 1/2 Cup
Dry Bread Crums: 1 Cup
Crushed black Pepper: 2 tspn
Grated Process Cheese: 2 Cubes
Corn flour: 2 Tbspn
Oil to fry


In a mixing bowl, mesh the boiled potatoes roughly.

Season it with all dry herbs, Salt and mix it well. Keep on adding fresh bread crums to it and make slight tight dough from it. Lastly add oilve oil and mix it well. Keep it aside.

Prepare small nuggets from this dough.

In a bowl, make a thin slurry of Corn Flour. Take dry bread crums (made from Toasts) in another bowl.

Heat oil in a frying pan.

Take one by one nuggets. First deep it in corn flour slurry, and then coat it with dry bread crums. 

Deep fry all the nuggets on a medium heat till golden brown. 

Serve them hot with home made cheese Sauce.

Home made Cheese Sauce (Click Here for Recipe)


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